Each cake is uniquely priced based on size, level of difficulty, and ingredients.


Every cake I create is uniquely designed for each client. In terms of pricing, my cakes may range from $6.50 to $15 per serving slice. Sculpted and fondant-covered cakes will be quoted at a higher price than simple buttercream cakes. 


Below you can find a list of minimum pricing based on serving sizes for buttercream cakes, wedding cakes, and fondant cakes. Please note that the more complex your desired cake is, the higher the quote you will receive.

I offer delivery for special occasions and weddings within Greater Vancouver for an additional minimum of $30.

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Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes start at a minimum of  $6.50 per serving slice. Each cake stands at 4" tall. Contact me for more details on tiered wedding cakes!

6” (12 servings) $100

8” (24 servings) $156

9” (32 servings) $208 

10” (38 servings) $247

12” (56 servings) $364


Fondant Cakes

Fondant cakes start at a minimum of $7.50 per serving slice. Additional fondant decorations and figures will be charged based on level of difficulty, size, and estimated time to create.

6” (12 servings) $120

8” (20 servings) $150

9” (24 servings)  $180

10” (28 servings) $210

12” (40 servings) $300


Buttercream Cakes

Simple buttercream cakes may have buttercream rosettes, drips, sprinkles and wordings for no additional charge. Regular cakes are cut into larger slices than traditional wedding cakes, hence why each cake round costs less than wedding cakes.

6” (12 servings) $100

8” (20 servings) $130

9” (24 servings) $156

10” (28 servings) $182

12” (40 servings) $260